Top Tips for Your Dog This Summer

Top Tips for Your Dog This Summer

Summer is here and all our guests staying at our boarding kennels here at our Hafod Y Bryn are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine. However, we must stress just how vitally important it is that our dogs are looked after properly during these hot months! Everyone enjoys being out in the sunshine, including our four-legged friends, so we must make preparations to keep them healthy and happy. Heat can affect our dogs just as much as it can affect us, so let’s look into some ways that we can prevent your dog from suffering this summer!


Fresh and cool water is absolutely essential. You must ensure that your dog’s water bowl refilled with fresh water as often as possible and provide your dog with water immediately after an activity. Adding ice to your dog’s water bowl is a great way of keeping them cool!


If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, try your best to provide your dog with shade, especially if you aren’t certain if where you are going has shade. Your dog will be extremely grateful for a nice, cool bit of shade to escape from the hot sun!


Those of us with long hair can understand and appreciate the benefits of having your hair tied up on a hot summer’s day! Your dog doesn’t have this option so be sure to groom them to remove any loose hairs. You would be surprised how much this can help!


It can never be said enough – do NOT leave your dog in a car on a hot summers day! Not even for a moment. It is no joke how quickly the interior of a car can heat up, and your dog is unable to wind down the window or turn on the air conditioning!


Exercise is still an essential part of a dog’s life, regardless of what the weather is like outside! However, there are things that can be done to prevent your dog from suffering in the heat whilst exercising; try to walk them in the early morning or late evening to keep them out of the hot sun, whilst trying to avoid black tarmac roads and any metal covers that have the potential to heat up and burn your dog’s paws!