Meet The Team

We understand just how hard it can be to leave your beloved four legged animals behind whilst you go away on your holidays, but you can rest assure that your pet will enjoy the most hospitable boarding experience at Hafod-Y-Bryn. Our dedicated team of helpers will be on hand to do everything they can to ensure that your pet receives the friendliest welcome, greatest care and bundles amount of love and affection during their stay.


Steve, Hafod-Y-Bryn Owner

Prior to owning the kennels and cattery, Steve and Nicola both enjoyed fostering dogs from a Rough Collie Rescue Centre (the only down side was that they wanted to adopt them all!) Steve is also the proud owner of The Egg Kompany, which sells premium free-range eggs to the surrounding local area and beyond!

Steve’s handyman skills are behind the kennel renovations that will soon be complete. However, his passion outside of work is caring for his own dogs, cats (Mr. Mogg especially), sheep, ducks and chickens.

Nicola, Hafod-Y-Bryn Owner

As someone who has always enjoyed the company of animals, it was only right that Nicola’s next step would be to own a kennel and cattery. Nicola is responsible for overseeing the running of the day-to-day of the kennels and cattery and has thoroughly enjoyed building lasting friendships with our four-legged guests.

Outside of work, Nicola also enjoys taking care of the family’s dogs and cats particularly Eddie, Maisie and Tonks (Tonks’ full name is Nymphadora Tonks, inspired by a character from Harry Potter!)


Katie, Kennel Supervisor

Katie started working at Hafod-Y-Bryn in August 2009 and has a wealth of work experience with animals. Katie is our longest serving staff member, some of you may even remember her from before Steve and Nicola even took over the business. Whilst studying, Katie achieved a Level 2 diploma in Animal Care and a Level 3 extended diploma in Horse Management.

Over the years, Katie has gotten to know all of our regulars VERY well!  Outside of the kennels, Katie has her hands full with her four very curious dogs Elfy, Tuffy, Jake and Sammy and her horses, Meglet and Danny.

Rachel, Kennel Supervisor

Rachel started working at Hafod-Y-Bryn in 2018. She has a Level 3 extended diploma in Equine Management and enjoyed volunteering at an animal rescue centre in Spain for several months.

Rachel has created some immensely strong bonds with our boarders and loves to shower them with affection. Outside of the kennels Rachel loves mucking out with her horse Libby and dog Ruby, and also enjoys photography (some of her brilliant shots can be found on our gallery page).

Rachel Phillips Photography

T: 07732111275

Lyn, Cattery Supervisor

Lyn has been with us since 2015 and is Hafod-Y-Bryn’s very own cat whisperer. Ever since she became the proud owner of her two cats, Misty and Wall-E she searched to fulfil her lifelong ambition of running a cattery and found that Hafod-Y-Bryn was the place to call home!

Although her love of cats dominates her professional life, Lyn owns one dog called Buddy and always ensures she doesn’t neglect her fondness for dogs, by regularly popping down to the kennels to say hello to our guests and even joins us for a few afternoon walks too!

Lauren, Kennel Assistant

Lauren started working for Hafod-Y-Bryn in 2017 and knew throughout high school, that whatever career she was to pursue, it had to be with animals. Being the owner of a horse called Ruairi, a dog called Lola and two cats called Stormzy and Fudge, she has always enjoyed the company of animals and loves  striking bonds between our friendly boarders and watching many of them grow!

Just like the majority of the Hafod-Y-Bryn team, Lauren has a huge soft spot for much larger four-legged animals and is currently learning to ride and train her own horse.


Rebecca, Kennel Assistant

Rebecca is one of Steve and Nicola’s four children and has enjoyed working down in the kennels and cattery since the business changed hands in 2014. Rebecca has been the proud owner of four horses, Rolo, Finely, Callie and Chico for just over ten years, and loves riding and mucking out in the fields.

Rebecca also helps care for the family pets including Cassie, her beloved fourteen-year-old Springer Spaniel.  When she is not studying Rebecca helps care for our boarders in the kennels and even knows every regular by name!

Jennah, Cattery Assistant

Jennah started working at Hafod-Y-Bryn in June 2015 whilst still in High School.  She has gained six years’ experience working with animals at the RSPCA and has devoted her life to becoming a fully qualified Veterinarian.

She is currently splitting her time between studying for her degree, caring for the cats and dogs at Hafod-Y-Bryn, and also gaining work experience at a local Veterinarian practice. Regardless of how busy she is, Jennah loves coming down and spending some quality time with our guests!


Betsy, Kennel Assistant

Having been a carer for the elderly for over twelve years, Betsy has always enjoyed looking after people and tending to their every need. Last year however, she decided to switch people with dogs and join the Hafod-Y-Bryn Team.

Betsy is no stranger to animals, in fact she currently owns 34 of them (including 21 fish, a chameleon, four cats called Elsa, Zeberdy, Merlin and Morgana, and three dogs called Maggie May, Yogi Bear and Costa!). When she’s not working in the kennels, Betsy is at home helping care for her very large family!


Mark, Cattery Assitant

Mark has been working at the Hafod-Y-Bryn Cattery part-time since 2017 and spends the remainder of his days 100 metres down the road caring for animals at the RSPCA. Mark has a great deal of experience taking care of small animals from cats to dogs, hamsters to rabbits and even mice! At home he enjoys spoiling his dog Rosie and cat Leo.

Mark enjoys meeting new cats and helping them settle into their new homely environment!

Courtney, Kennel & Admin Assitant

As well as hearing Steve and Nicola’s voice over the phone, you will most probably hear Courtney’s too! She has been working for the kennels since 2018 and loves to spoil our happy guests with love and lots of play.

Last year, whilst travelling around Thailand Courtney enjoyed volunteering at a dogs shelter in Phuket and helped care for, feed and play with more than 100 abandoned dogs. Courtney spends the majority of her time exploring with her 10-year-old Labrador George.