We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

We provide the perfect home for your cat

Creating the Right Environment

At Hafod-y-Bryn we will ensure that your cat feels secure in our care. We aim to provide a stimulating environment with opportunities to climb and play and, of course, to rest comfortably, so whilst you are away your cat will live a peaceful life.

We will provide personal loving care and attention throughout your cat’s stay, just like they will get at home; we even have the radio on during the day for the added home comfort.

A Range of Accommodation Options

We have a range of accommodation options available, we understand that some cats are simple ‘indoor cats’ so we have options available to suit with very sheltered run areas. However some of our guests are outdoor adventure cats so we have run options that face directly onto our garden area and have the ‘outdoor feel’.

Accommodation Overview


Our accommodation includes an indoor heated house with a window to the outside world with the all-important window ledge to ensure that the world can be surveyed in comfort, also provided is a radiator shelf, a bed with all necessary bedding and a litter tray.


Access to the outdoor run is via a cat flap where a second litter tray is provided. As you would expect the runs are separated using glass impervious partitions, which ensures that each cat can see their neighbour (without risk of contact) and enjoy their spacious surroundings.

Extras and Toys

Play is essential for the well-being of a cat, especially for younger cats. You are more than welcome to bring any toys that you wish, although we do have a selection available for our guests to use.

We also provide a carpet square and scratching poles for your cat to claw, which can help to sharpen and control the length of claws.

Feeding and Nutrition

All major brands of tinned and dried food are always available together with the occasional saucer of milk. Cats are fed twice daily, morning and evening with biscuits available at all times for cats who snack, unless you advise otherwise. We endeavour to treat all of our guests as their individual needs require, this includes maintaining any special dietary requirements. Treats will be offered to cats during the day (if allowed), as it helps with the process of us befriending your cat and gaining its trust.

Guests are welcome to bring their own treats or special food, and we will make sure that your cat receives these as you wish.

Safety and Security

It is essential for the health and well-being of your cat and our other guests that vaccinations are fully up to date. All our guests are required to be vaccinated against

  • Feline Respiratory Disease
  • Feline Infectious Enteritis

The above are routine vaccines administrated at your vets.

Vaccinations should be boosted annually and should be done at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU BRING YOUR VACCINATION CERTIFICATE WITH YOU AND RECORDS OF ANNUAL BOOSTERS.

For safety reasons please ensure your cats’ collar is removed prior to arriving at Hafod-Y-Bryn.

The Outside World

We also have a kennels here at Hafod-Y-Bryn but don’t worry those noisy dogs are far away and won’t disturb our peaceful cats.

There is always plenty to watch at Hafod-Y-Bryn so your cats will have a stimulating environment during their stay.

Useful Tips

We recommend that you keep your cat indoors in plenty of time before starting your journey, as many like to go off exploring. Some cats do not travel well and can mess their carry box, thus making the journey uncomfortable for both you and your pet. It maybe best not to feed your cat prior to travelling, as they will receive food upon their arrival at Hafod-Y-Bryn.


For new customers we recommend that you come and visit us prior to making a booking to enable you to ask us questions and to ensure that our environment and atmosphere will suit your cat.

Please feel free to contact us whilst you are away to enquire about how your cat is settling in, we don’t mind and will even text your photos if you desire.

We are also happy to administer medication to your cat whilst in our care. Please advise our staff when making a booking.