Top Cold Weather Tips for Dogs and Cats

Top Cold Weather Tips for Dogs and Cats

Let’s look at our winter preparation checklist. Car – Check! House – Check! Pets – What?! Some of us completely forget to take our pets into consideration during their preparations for the colder months ahead! Here at Hafod Y Bryn, we firmly insist that all pet owners ensure that their pets are taken into consideration and are prepared for the coming winter months. With cold winds, dropping temperatures, rain, and snow. So, let’s take a look at the top tips to properly prepare your beloved cats and dogs for winter! 

Unfriendly Household Products 

It is vital that your pets are kept as far away as possible from any car anti-freeze. This yellow fluid is highly toxic to any animal that doesn’t know that they should taste it. Ethylene glycol is the most toxic element found in car anti-freeze, and just one tiny lick can be life-threatening to any animal. If you think that your pet has gained access to anti-freeze, immediate treatment is essential, so get them straight to the vets!

Windscreen washing products are also a danger for your pets. They are quite as toxic as anti-freeze, but should not be consumed regardless. If this fluid is consumed then your pet may experience drooling, vomiting and instability.

Be careful when walking your pets; any ice-melting products used by council workers to de-ice the roads and pavements can be rather detrimental. Even without the ingestion of these products, things like rock salt can dry out and irritate your pet’s paws during their walk.

If ingested, rock salt can cause your pet to suffer from noticeable weakness, seizures and cardiac problems. Sure, there are pet-safe de-icing products for pavements, but you can’t control what the council are putting on the streets.

Also, be sure that all heating appliances, like space heaters and open fires, are kept secure at all times.

Preparing for the Outdoors

Firstly, your pets need to be protected from the steadily declining temperatures. Just because your pet has a fur coat, does not mean that they are completely protected from the harsher conditions. This is especially the case with shorter haired breeds, which you may wish to consider purchasing a coat for when the temperature really does drop.

It is essential to monitor your pet closely during the winter, so you can help to avoid them being too cold or exposed to harsh weather conditions. Preventing things like hypothermia in your pets is a vitally important responsibility.

Outdoor cats will often seek shelter under a warm car engine. That makes it vitally important to check under your car bonnet before you set off for work, especially if you own a cat or are living in an area with cat owners. Try banging on the car bonnet a few times before starting the engine; this will hopefully scare any hiding cats away.

If you require further guidance to prepare your pets for the coming winter months, do not hesitate to contact the Hafod Y Bryn team. Our staff are always happy to provide quality advice on keep all animals safe, secure and healthy!