Preparing Your Cat & Dog For A Long Stay

Preparing Your Cat & Dog For A Long Stay

Cattery AbergeleIt is vitally important to make preparations for your cat and dog to feel as comfortable as possible when staying in our cattery and boarding kennels in Abergele! Here at Hafod Y Bryn we make sure that your beloved animals are kept safe and secure with a constant relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

We go out of our way to ensure all the animals staying with us are kept happy and healthy during the entirety of their stay, but let’s look at some of the ways you can prepare them to ensure a successful time away from home.



A large majority of catteries and boarding kennels will recommend you not providing their own food to make their lives simpler when distributing food during the day. At Hafod Y Bryn we will happily oblige when taking dietary needs or requirements and specific food for all of the cats and dogs staying with us. Changing the diet of your animal can often result in upset stomachs or irregular bowel movements. We will even provide treats during the day (if permitted) in order to gain your animals trust.

Your cat or dog may be in the process of taking a daily dose of medication. If this is the case then we recommend clearly labelling the medicine and providing instructions on how your pet has been taking the medication and at what intervals. If you have a specific medicine dispenser or food used to conceal the medicine then please do bring that along with you.


Boarding Kennels AbergeleThe drop off can be just as distressing for your cat or dog as it can be for you when leaving them behind. But this issue can be easily resolved by bringing along some of your pet’s favourite toys, or simply by bringing along something with your scent such as a previously worn t-shirt or blanket. If you know that this won’t be a solution to your cat or dogs’ distress, try and organise a friendly face to visit your beloved pet, to provide them with a sense of familiarity. As you can see, the tips and tricks for preparing your cat and dog to stay at a cattery or kennel can be applied to both types of animals, and if you make sure all the boxes are checked before dropping them off, we are sure their stay will be completely successful.