Spoil Your Dog With a Pamper Day

Spoil Your Dog With a Pamper Day

We all enjoy a good pampering, and the same can often be said for our pets. A large percentage of dogs enjoy getting a little grubby on their walks, whether it’s from jumping in the sea or splashing around in the mud – they can begin to get a little smelly over time.

If this is all too familiar, a trip to a good dog groomer can save your dog and your home from becoming smelly. Even if your dog is the type to shudder at the thought of jumping in water or mud, a thorough wash and groom can leave them looking and feeling better, especially if they’re an older dog or they have particularly long fur.

For dog grooming Abergele, Hafod-Y-Bryn has a luxury pet grooming studio with fully-qualified dog grooming professionals who can cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Hafod-Y-Bryn also operates as a kennels and cattery, meaning the team who work there know exactly how to make an animal feel calm and at home, within no time at all. When visiting a new groomer, it can often be a worry that your dog will feel nervous and stressed throughout the groom.

The studio has been built with providing a calm and welcoming environment in mind, with staff only attending to one dog at a time to ensure that they receive the full attention that they deserve. You’re also welcome to visit the studio before booking an appointment, so you can be sure that it’s the perfect environment for your dog.

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The studio offers a range of services to suit all budgets, from a full pamper day to a simple wash and blow dry. Every type of groom includes the use of premium and gentle on the skin shampoos & conditioners, as well as a quick spritz of luxury canine cologne (yes, this exists!).

The full groom service includes a pre-groom bath, nail trim, ear clean and a bath with the luxury shampoos. Your dog will then receive a warm blow dry, a custom coat styling and a splash of canine cologne. With warmer weather on the horizon, dogs with longer coats can benefit from regular trims to keep them from overheating in the hot weather.

If you want to give your dog a truly pampering experience, the Doggie Pamper Days can offer just that. You’ll drop your dog off in the morning between 8am – 10.30am, upon which they’ll enjoy playtime and walks with the Hafod-Y-Bryn staff for the remainder of the day. They’ll then be given some time to relax before having a full groom service. You can pick your dog up from their luxury pamper day between the hours of 5pm – 6pm.

When it comes to their grooming services, the studio offers a more bespoke approach than others. They’ll take into consideration your dog’s breed characteristics, preferences, nature and health before basing the grooming service on these factors to provide the best possible experience for your dog.

The prices of the grooming services range from £10-£30, depending on the size of your dog and the type of service required. Hafod-Y-Bryn aims to offer their services at prices which are affordable to everyone, as every dog deserves a good pampering once in awhile!

In between visits to the studio, you can keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and shiny by using specially designed grooming brushes and carefully selecting nourishing foods for them. Maintaining your dog’s salon shiny coat is easy once you’ve got the right advice to follow.


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For luxury dog grooming Abergele, Hafod-y-Bryn offers an affordable yet high-quality grooming service which is tailored to your dogs requirements and coat type.