Care Advice for Elderly Dogs

Care Advice for Elderly Dogs

For dog grooming near rhyl, Hafod-y-Bryn have their very own premium grooming studio. Your dog will be taken care of by fully qualified dog grooming professionals, who offer a range of services including bathing, blow drying and nail trimming.

They’re also able to accommodate dogs of every size, so whether you own a tiny Chihuahua or a huge Great Dane – your dog will be thoroughly pampered.

A professional groom is great for dogs of all ages, but it especially benefits older dogs who can no longer groom themselves as well as they used to.

If your dog is reaching his or her ‘golden years’, there are a few things you can do to make them as comfortable and as content as possible. After all, there’s a good chance they’ve been a part of your family for a long time, and they deserve the best when it comes to being treated.


Dog GroomingChoosing an Appropriate Pet Bed

Much like humans, once our dogs begin to get old, everyday tasks become that little bit more difficult to do. When selecting a new pet bed for an elderly dog, it’s good to opt for one that is soft, and low to the ground.

This prevents your dog from having to try and jump up onto beds and sofa, which might prove a challenge for them in their later years.


Dog Grooming AbergeleSwimming

If your dog typically enjoys splashing around in water, swimming is a great way for your dog to stay healthy.

Not only does swimming provide adequate exercise, it’s also beneficial for older dogs whose joints aren’t what they used to be – as the activity doesn’t require any weight bearing.


Appropriate Activity

Dog Grooming Rhyl

Just because your dog is getting a bit more tired on walks these days, it doesn’t mean that he’s lacking all interest to go on them. Walking not only exercises your dog, it provides mental stimulation through the interesting sights and smells they’ll find along the way.

When it comes to older dogs, you need to ensure that their walks comprise of paths that are flat and accessible. Even on short journeys, you might find you have to take regular breaks, so it can be a good idea to bring some water with you.


Dog Kennels RhylCompanionship

This doesn’t apply to all dogs, but some older dogs benefit from having a younger dog around the house.

Whether it’s a new puppy of your own or just a visiting friend’s dog popping over, having your dog regularly interact with a younger pup can give him additional motivation.


Dog Grooming Regular Home Grooming

Between visits to a professional dog groomer, you can help to comb your dog yourself in the meantime.

As animals get older, it becomes harder to them to clean themselves regularly and thoroughly. You can make this easier for your dog by regularly combing him, to ensure his fur doesn’t become too matted. It’s likely your dog will also appreciate the pampering and attention!


Dog KennelsOpt for Senior Dog Food

When it comes to selecting your dog’s food, there are many brands of food that include ingredients specifically for senior dogs.

These types of food include added vitamins which can contribute to areas which begin to deteriorate in old age, such as healthy teeth and joints.

Glucosamine and the vitamins C, E and A have been known to help keep senior dogs healthy, so it’s worth looking out for them in the food that you purchase.


Dog Kennels in RhylKeeping Furniture in the Same Place

A lot of senior dogs begin to struggle with their eyesight at some point.

If your dog struggles to see clearly, keeping your furniture in the same place prevents him from bumping into things and becoming disoriented.

Care Advice for Elderly Dogs
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Care Advice for Elderly Dogs
Elderly dogs require a little more TLC than young pups. Here's some advice to keep your dog comfortable and active during his or her golden years.